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We are excited to add a wide variety of player performance markets to our offering of US sports


New data deal

“How many 3’s will Stephen Curry score tonight?” or “Will J.D. Martinez hit a Home Run tonight?”. Player performance markets is an exciting way for sports fans to bet and follow individual statistics and performances of players when they are watching their favorite teams play.

Betting Promotion are able to provide this type of markets on US sports thanks to a new data deal we recently made. This new integration allows us to provide player performance markets on NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL.


Player Performance Markets

We are excited to add US sports to our existing coverage of player performance markets along with other sports such as football. Last month we offered player performance markets on Dota 2 The International which proved to be very popular among our operators.

Betting Promotion recognize the importance of covering these types of markets in order to provide another dimension of betting alongside traditional markets. Our operators stay competitive through a flexible and growing product that keeps sports fans and users entertained.


NBA Player Performance Markets
  • Points Over/Under
  • 3’s Made Over/Under
  • Rebounds Over/Under
  • Assists Over/Under
  • Steals Over/Under
  • Blocks Over/Under
  • Turnovers Over/Under


MLB Player Performance Markets
  • Batting
    • Singles Over/Under
    • Doubles Over/Under
    • Triples Over/Under
    • Runs Over/Under
    • Home Runs Over/Under
    • Total Bases Over/Under
    • Stolen Bases Over/Under
  • Pitching
    • Earned Runs Over/Under
    • Outs Over/Under
    • Strikeouts Over/Under
    • Win Probability Over/Under
    • Hits Allowed Over/Under


NFL Player Performance Markets
  • Passing
    • Interceptions Over/Under
    • Passing Attempts Over/Under
    • Passing Yards Over/Under
    • Passing Touchdowns Over/Under
  • Receiving
    • Receptions Over/Under
    • Receiving Yards Over/Under
    • Receiving Touchdowns Over/Under
  • Rushing
    • Rushing Attempts Over/Under
    • Rushing Yards Over/Under
    • Rushing Touchdowns Over/Under


NHL Player Performance Markets
  • Goals Over/Under
  • Assists Over/Under
  • +/- Over/Under
  • Power Play Points Over/Under
  • Shots Over/Under
  • Blocked Shots Over/Under
  • Win Over/Under
  • Goals Against Over/Under
  • Saves Over/Under
  • Shut Outs Over/Under


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