About Us

Betting Promotion offer B2B odds feeds and fully managed sportsbook solutions.

Since 2003 Betting Promotion have traded for hundreds of million euros every year in the most competitive market places in the world – using our own funds.

Choose from customised solutions to a fully managed Sportsbook. The Betting Promotion team are highly responsive to market changes and recognize the value of innovating, developing and communicating with our partners.  Staying ahead of the curve ensures that our Sportsbook is equipped to yield maximum results.

With options that cater to all your needs – our solutions has hundreds of different markets available on an ever expanding number of sports, with both pre-live and live games. The offers increase daily and most importantly as the industry continues to evolve.

Along our huge offering and reliable data Betting Promotion are committed to develop innovative features for our partners to keep their customers and sport fans engaged.


Our History



Since 2003 Betting Promotion focus have been on trading services, providing markets and liquidity on the most competitive market places in Europe and Asia. Annually we trade for hundreds of millions of euro of our own funds. Trading is done with our algorithm based high-frequency trading engine, tracking changes and adjust prices within fraction of a second of any price move in the market.


B2B Solutions

Through the years Betting Promotion diversified into a B2B sportsbook provider. The pricing information derived from our trading services is pushed to our B2B solutions and provide pricing for events and markets in the sportsbook feed.

The sports betting industry today is fast paced where accuracy, reliability and speed are needed. Thanks to our low margin, high frequency trading services Betting Promotion can provide our partners with high quality odds and data.

A modern sportsbook is not only about boasting a huge offering and competitive prices. Sportsbook customers and fans today require a more engaging experience. Betting Promotion have recognized this and provide our partners with engaging sportsbook features and develop new innovative features with new releases on a regular basis.

We dare say that our odds are the best in the industry and we can provide a solution that make our partners sportsbook stand out in a crowded market.